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2020 Predictions For Healthy Bodies

When it comes to forecasting what 2020 would have been like, a few got it right.  We don’t (yet) drive flying cars as predicted on the “Jetsons” in 1962 and we’re not (yet) habituating Mars… but, with the rapid rise in technological advancements, one thing is for certain – we’re on our way to some exciting times ahead for humankind!

Here at Raw Elements we’re excited to see what ‘new’ superfood or healthy living habit emerges on top this year. We thought it would be fun to take some guesses at what we predict to be 2020’s hottest healthy trends, come this time next year.

Here are our top 6 predictions:

1.  Veganism Becoming Mainstream
With Beyond Meat and Impossible burgers found at nearly every ‘fast-food’ joint, we’re seeing Veganism become adopted by those once opposed to ever eating a vegetable in their life!  And, this trend is not slowing down…we expect to see more celebrities and influencers picking up the fork for a salad and putting down their knives. Our favourite substitute found on Raw Elements is the “Rawtella Crunch” This nut spread is a perfect alternative to other popular hazelnut spreads and makes the switch to buying vegan products so much easier!

2.  Plant-Based Meal At-Home-Delivery
Recently, Canada has seen a number of business’s pop up offering food delivery for busy house-holds. They feature pre-portioned foods alongside recipe cards to follow along to create healthy meals-at-home without the hassle of shopping or thinking about ‘what’ to eat.  Until now, there’s been few businesses, if any, that offer fully plant-based and/or vegan meals.  We expect this to change in 2020.

3. Functional Foods
Lets be honest, food costs are rising and we’re demanding more from every bite, beverage and biscuit we have. We already know that what we put IN our mouth impacts our health, but the idea that we can choose foods that have ‘advanced’ nutritional benefits than just the standard protein/carb/fat is exciting.  Take for example mushrooms – delicious, yes!  But, they’re becoming mainstream for their health benefits such as brain health, cognitive focus, stress reduction, immune support, gut health and so much more!  We just so happen to LOVE the brand Four Sigmatic with its vast array of functional mushroom beverages, powders and superfoods that boost health to new heights. Our favourite? Their “Superfood Protein Powder” perfect for those who live an active lifestyle and want to add some plant based protein into their regiment.

4. Gut Health Protection
It felt like 2019 was all about the ‘microbiome’ and educating the public about its importance and how it impacts our overall health. 2020 feels like it’s the time we start implementing those exact tactics into our life to reap its benefits.  Pre-biotics and pro-biotics will prevail, but ingredients like turkey tail and reishi will find its way into our diets to aid in improved gut bacteria balance. Four Sigmatic’s new Chai Latte has both of these ingredients packed into a delicious beverage that you can sip and feel good about!

5.  Busting Beauty Care Brands
Consumers are getting smarter and paying more attention to what chemicals, pollutants and toxins are in their day to day products. Public awareness has given us the upper hand to demand better ingredients in our beauty products that aren’t harmful to our health. With so many brands under scrutiny and scrambling to adapt to the changing consumer trends, it’s no surprise that we are seeing so many new ones pop up that offer natural and organic based products.

So, how do you trust a brand and substantiate product claims for purity, safety and efficacy?

Clinical Studies.

VERY Few companies opt for clinical studies because of the cost, but this is truly a marker of a premium product and a brand that doesn’t cut corners.  We’re proud to carry Israeli skin care brand Lavido that is Vegan, Gluten-Free and all their products are clinically tested!

6. Keto Crazed
Nowadays, you can be anything from Vegan to Vegetarian, Sugar-free to Gluten-free, Grain-Free, Starch-Free…. but trending more than Veganism it seems is KETO, otherwise know as a Ketogenic-diet. A re-emergence from the Atkin’s diet from the early 2000’s… the idea is a diet with 0 carbs with high fats & protein. Keto-friendly labeling was seen on packaged goods in 2019 and we’re expecting to see this increase for 2020. A perfect example? Our newest Keto product Sunwarrior Clean Keto Protein.  Helps curb cravings and keeps you in ketosis (a state whereby the body uses fat as fuel instead of glucose/sugar).  We expect to see more keto-friendly products coming out on store shelves this year in the plenty!

2020 might have just begun, but it is the start of a new decade. One where consumers are smarter and more demanding than ever before towards the products they invest in. One where the food choices they make will have a bigger impact on the future of our planet and their overall health and wellness. Here at Raw Elements, one thing is for sure, we are fully here for this ride and will always commit to offering the best products with our customers health and wellness at the forefront of every decision we make!


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