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Our goal for you is to enjoy the education, while shopping for the best 100% whole food,
plant based, organic superfoods geared towards helping your body be the best.


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Please feel free to provide any questions or comments about our website, our products, or our customer service. Our goal for you is to enjoy the education, while shopping for the best 100% whole food, plant based, organic superfoods geared towards helping your body be the best. We also love the fitness edge these amazing products can give you. We only choose to use the highest quality superfoods ourselves, so we only choose to sell the highest quality to you ! We will never compromise our morals to get you a cheaper quality product. Have a Rockin’ Raw Day !!

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Raw Elements is here to help you experience the power of nature by connecting you with the highest quality plant-based products. What you choose to consume is deeply intertwined with how your body performs, physically and mentally. True mind, body, spirit harmony is only possible through taking a conscientious approach to life – including the decision to nourish your body inside and out with minimally processed, nutrient-dense products.

At Raw Elements, we know that unadulterated whole foods are an essential part of achieving and sustaining peak physical performance, cognitive functioning, emotional well-being, and general wellness. Let us show you the incredible world of nature’s goodness. We are your fitness and wellness specialists.

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We genuinely care about positively supporting your fitness and wellness goals, and we respect the effort you put into improving or maintaining your health. This is why we hand-pick and thoroughly test every product that we carry. If our team of experts doesn’t find a product enjoyable or beneficial, we do not add it to our shop.

Processed, artificial foods tear down your health. We only stock premium plant-based foods and supplements made from the highest quality ingredients. Everything we offer starts with whole foods from the earth and is as minimally processed as possible. You will not find anything in our shop that contains artificial preservatives, flavours, or additives.

We are always discovering and learning about new superfoods and supplements. We are on a never-ending quest to connect Canadians to the very best vegan and vegetarian products that work to support high-vibrational living, and we look to all corners of the world for inspiration. Whether it be raw cacao sourced from Dominican Republic or raw, extra virgin coconut oil ethically traded from the Philippines, we love the adventure of discovering new brands and products.

Partnering with like-minded individuals and businesses who share our values enables us to continuously learn and stay inspired. Thanks to these relationships, we are able to share valuable knowledge, insights, and tips with our customers. Our Ambassadors and social media collaborators include fitness professionals, certified health and nutrition practitioners, health foodies, and natural beauty gurus. If you are a wellness professional or green living enthusiast interested in joining our growing movement to bring wellness to the forefront of Canadians’ lifestyles, visit our Affiliate and Ambassador Page.

We are passionate about discovering plant-based foods, products, and supplements from around the world, but we also champion local and organic sustainable growth. We believe that environmental awareness and responsibility should be a daily practice. At our headquarters in Rockwood, Ontario, we are lucky enough to have many acres of land at our use. We support our surrounding ecosystem by planting things that we can harvest and eat, such as hazelnut, mulberry, and goji berries. We also provide our team members with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships. Every week, we receive fresh, local and organic produce at our office from a nearby farm called Everdale, located in Hillsburgh, Ontario. Click here to learn more about how we approach environmental responsibility here at Raw Elements.


Raw Elements was born out of true passion for superior superfoods
and their ability to naturally support wellness.

In 2001, while travelling to California, Raw Elements Founder/Owner and superfood lover, Dawn Vickery discovered many superfood-infused foods and interesting supplements that were not available back home in Canada. Coming from the fashion industry, and with a strong interest in fitness and healthy living, Dawn was determined to bring similar products to Canada. In 2005, Raw Elements rose from the ground up, becoming a Canada-wide distribution centre for diverse plant-based products by cutting edge brands from around the globe.

Dawn’s husband Brent has played a significant role in building Raw Elements. Inspired by Dawn’s passion to bring healthy living to the Canadian masses, Brent decided to join Dawn’s Raw Elements journeyin 2011. He loves meeting


new people while travelling with Dawn to discover the best superfoods and supplements. Along with overseeing Raw Elements with Dawn, Brent uses his professional background in finance to help other small businesses and start-ups in health and fitness industries.
Today, Raw Elements has become a leader in Canada’s health food market. Dawn and Brent personally work with every brand that Raw Elements supplies. Direct contact with brand owners and teams allows for trust and collaboration to flourish so that Raw Elements can best serve Canadians in search of nutrient-rich plant-based foods and supplements. From education to experience, we’re always available to give you the advice you need to reach your healthy living and fitness goals.

Dawn Vickery - Raw Elements

Dawn Vickery

Founder, Owner, Super-food lover, Product specialist

Raw Elements was born out of true passion for superior foods and supplements. In 2001, while traveling to California, I discovered that CA had many new superfoods and interesting supplements that were not on the Canadian market. Coming from the Fashion Industry, loving the fitness industry and looking to start a business, this was a perfect fit. In an effort to bring in superfoods to Canada for myself – friends, family and other nutritionists were also eager to try these amazing new foods right here at home. By 2005 Raw Elements was incorporated and much to my enjoyment, had grown into a Canadian Wide Distribution center representing cutting edge brands from all over the world. Today I have a warehouse full of amazing superfoods and supplements and work personally with every single one of my brands and their owners. Our business family motivates and inspires me daily.
What can I say, I definitely feel like I’m in my element!

Brent - Raw Elements


Owner, Slow food movement supporter, Financial guru

A life long entrepreneur, with a passion for people and business, I was introduced to superfoods by my loving wife in 2002. In 2011 I decided to join her in her journey of bringing the power of nature to as many people as possible. It is a bonus to negotiate and meet people from all over the world. I come from a financial background, so along with running Raw Elements I get joy out of helping others, especially small businesses and start-ups in this industry.




Brent and Dawn are Husband and Wife and thoroughly enjoy working together daily (most days).
Together we do everything we can to support others that are trying to improve the health of people
throughout the world. We consider our suppliers, associates, customers, farmers, health practitioners
and fitness professionals to be a part of this group.

Part of our benefits program for all our employees is our CSA membership for each employee.

We are massive fans of bio-dynamic agriculture, community gardens and finding a way to
bring nutrition and real food back to people.


Perfect for my smoothies. Quality brand I can trust!
It is healthy, but it also just tastes so freaking good too!
REALLY helps my digestion! Love that it is local and has so many crucial nutrients in it!
Caroline N
Absolutely love this flavour! My nails have grown so well and feel strong. Love it as an overall health product!
This product is amazing and I highly recommend it! I have taken hundreds of supplements over time and there is nothing like this! I am a 45 year old triathlete and have seen incredible results in just 1 month! I have noticed enhanced energy and stamina, higher libido and a quicker recovery after intense sport. I have just started my 2nd bottle and will definitely be ordering more.


We are always available to answer any question you may have about the products we carry, the brands we work with, or our business. Even if you’re simply looking for more information on certain superfoods or ingredients, we can help. Connect with us by using the form below.

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