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Our goal for you is to enjoy the education, while shopping for the best 100% whole food, plant based, organic superfoods geared towards helping your body be the best.


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Fitness and Superfood Specialists. We value you!

Please feel free to provide any questions or comments about our website, our products, or our customer service. Our goal for you is to enjoy the education, while shopping for the best 100% whole food, plant based, organic superfoods geared towards helping your body be the best. We also love the fitness edge these amazing products can give you. We only choose to use the highest quality superfoods ourselves, so we only choose to sell the highest quality to you ! We will never compromise our morals to get you a cheaper quality product. Have a Rockin’ Raw Day !!

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Our Mission

Raw Elements’ mission is to bring High Vibrational Super foods and Supplements to the Masses through traditional supplement routes. What does that really mean? It’s simple. We will scour the globe to find the best most awesome nutrient rich foods and supplements, and do our best to get them into EVERY health food store in Canada!


Dawn Vickery

Founder, Owner, Super-food lover, Product specialist

Raw Elements was born out of true passion for superior foods and supplements. In 2001, while traveling to California, I discovered that CA had many new superfoods and interesting supplements that were not on the Canadian market. Coming from the Fashion Industry, loving the fitness industry and looking to start a business, this was a perfect fit. In an effort to bring in superfoods to Canada for myself – friends, family and other nutritionists were also eager to try these amazing new foods right here at home. By 2005 Raw Elements was incorporated and much to my enjoyment, had grown into a Canadian Wide Distribution center representing cutting edge brands from all over the world. Today I have a warehouse full of amazing superfoods and supplements and work personally with every single one of my brands and their owners. Our business family motivates and inspires me daily.
What can I say, I definitely feel like I’m in my element!



Owner, Slow food movement supporter, Financial guru

A life long entrepreneur, with a passion for people and business, I was introduced to superfoods by my loving wife in 2002. In 2011 I decided to join her in her journey of bringing the power of nature to as many people as possible. It is a bonus to negotiate and meet people from all over the world. I come from a financial background, so along with running Raw Elements I get joy out of helping others, especially small businesses and start-ups in this industry.


Brent and Dawn are Husband and Wife and thoroughly enjoy working together daily (most days).
Together we do everything we can to support others that are trying to improve the health of people
throughout the world. We consider our suppliers, associates, customers, farmers, health practitioners
and fitness professionals to be a part of this group.

Part of our benefits program for all our employees is our CSA membership for each employee.

We are massive fans of bio-dynamic agriculture, community gardens and finding a way to
bring nutrition and real food back to people.