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Health Food Products We Love – Meet Miski Organics

You know that feeling you get when you discover a new favourite song…or an amazing restaurant…or THE shoes you’ve been searching for, well, forever – and you’ve just gotta shout it from the rooftops? That’s basically what we’re all about at Raw Elements, and we’re lucky enough to get to share our “you have GOT to try this” vibes with neighbours across Canada. If you haven’t yet discovered why Miski Organics makes our have-to-try mentions…well, read on!

About Miski Organics

Founded by two sisters passionate about the power of organic foods and their Peruvian heritage, Miski Organics is a family-owned Canadian company specializing in Peruvian-inspired organic superfoods. Their health-conscious line is produced in-house and sourced from local farmers in coastal valleys, Andean mountains and Amazon regions of Peru.

Miski Organics Products

From maca (hello stamina!) to yacon (low calorie natural sweetener, yes please!), Miski Organics has a range of amazing products to support you in all meals (and let’s not forget, snack times) of the day. Rich in nutrients and oh so delicious, Raw Elements is proud to deliver Miski Organics options right to your door, including:

  • Cacao beans, husks, nibs and powder
  • Organic dried fruits (banana slices, golden berries, mango and pineapple)
  • Gelatinized dried maca powders
  • Banana flours
  • Sacha Inch butters
  • Camu camu, lucuma and mesquite powders
  • Quinoa grains and flakes
  • Yacon syrup and flakes

More Reasons to Love Miski Organics
If top quality organic products weren’t enough, here are some other savvy consumer tidbits that’ll have you and Mother Earth feelin’ good when you shop Miski Organics at Raw Elements:

  • Miski Organics products are non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, kosher and vegan certified.
  • All Miski Organics products are traceable to the source and sustainably cultivated.
  • Miski Organics products are packaged right here in Canada, in blue bin friendly recyclable bags.

Need we say more? We know you’re ready to spread the word – browse and shop Miski Organics products here.

When you shop online with Raw Elements you’ve got the plant-powered recommendations of a friend at your side and can rest assured that what you see has been tried, tested and loved by our health-minded team. We’re proud to bring you nothing less than the best in food, supplement and skincare products. Browse more Raw Elements brands we know and love!

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