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CHFA Wrap Up

The epic two-day CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) East Trade Show wrapped up this past weekend in downtown Toronto and now that we’ve finally got a chance to catch our breath, we’re giving you a run down. CHFA is Canada’s largest trade association dedicated to natural health and organic products and this year’s event was as exciting and busy as ever!

As a business representing vendors from across the globe and a team passionate about helping Canadians live healthier and happier lives naturally, we joined our partners, customers, and many incredible companies to share in this annual event. Over 1,100 booths set up shop throughout the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, showcasing the very best specialty and organic foods, beverages, supplements, and beauty products.

There is simply no better place to source and sample the most anticipated products soon to hit the market or enjoy already-trending treasures! This is THE place to discover new innovative companies, gain valuable insights, and rub shoulders with industry elite, company founders, suppliers and peers. Regardless of whether you just strolled the booths, took in a workshop, or sipped and snacked your way through the endless aisles, all senses were surely satisfied!

Here’s what Raw Elements featured at CHFA this year – and what to watch for on our site in the coming months!

*New* and improved Sol Good Bars

Sunwarrior Sol Good Bars
Take it from our discerning team who typically snubs most protein bars as faux-food: Sunwarrior Sol Good Bars prevail in taste, texture and ingredients.

Each bar ranges on average of 15g protein, 14g fibre and no added sugars. They are chewy, moist, and great to enjoy on the go as an afternoon snack or post-workout fuel. Made with real food ingredients, these plant-based bars are organic, raw, sprouted and vegan. They’re also made without soy, whey, fillers, sugars, gluten, or flavour chemicals. Sol Good bars have ingredients you can pronounce and feel good about – and your belly and taste buds will love them too! Choose from Cinnamon Roll, Salted Caramel, Blueberry Burst or Coconut Cashew.

Four Sigmatic
*New* product and *new* packaging

Four Sigmatic
Four Sigmatic is rapidly expanding worldwide and here at Raw Elements as well! We’ve proudly carried a variety of Four Sigmatic for years, and if you count this brand among your essentials like we do, be sure to watch for their new Superfood Protein to join our the line-up in the coming weeks.

Designed to optimize whole-body wellness after exercise, this protein covers all your bases: alkaline plant-based protein for muscle repair, medicinal mushrooms for enhanced function, and adaptogens to combat stress. Like all protein powders we carry, this is a protein you can feel good about. Four Sigmatic adds no gums, fillers, or stevia to their Superfood Protein and it’s unflavoured so you need not worry about unpleasant after taste or fake flavours. Scoop to a new level with this all-in-one combination that easily shakes up or blends into your smoothie.

Also coming soon to from Four Sigmatic: new packaging you will love! Zero waste is top of mind for Four Sigmatic and the motivation behind their decision to switch from tin containers to cardboard canisters. (Currently, select items are packaged in tins.) As you may know, the tins open to reveal a small insert plastic bag containing loose product. The new cardboard canisters eliminate the need for this and just contain the product itself, no second insert. Forward thinking for a more planet-friendly future!

*New* product

Amsterdam brand Lovechock adds a new 99% cacao bar to their delicious line-up of raw, handcrafted chocolate. Lovechock bars are made from Ecuadorian single-source, direct-traded, raw heirloom cacao and sweetened with just the right amount of coconut sugar to please the palate. Another reason to love Lovechock? The entire line of chocolate bars and tablets is zero-waste! All packaging — from the outer carton to inner wrapper — is fully compostable! Lovechock’s new 99% bar is for dark chocolate aficionados and those wanting no sugar. Premium product, quality ingredients and chock full of feel-good happy vibes. Stay tuned for the 99% bar’s official debut at!


Snack Conscious
*New* brand distribution

Snack Concscious
Superfood snacks for super busy people! Bite-sized morsels of 100% plant-based nutrients and everything you need – nothing you don’t – to curb hunger on the go. With no added sugar and premium quality superfoods in a convenient snack pack, Snack Conscious’ Snack Bombs will be your new guilt-free snack of choice. In the coming months, we’ll be adding the four Snack Bombs by Toronto-based company Snack Conscious to our site: Dark Chocolate Almond Berry, Peanut Butter Cacao Coconut, Apricot Walnut Cinnamon, and Matcha Vanilla Cashew.  Snack Conscious knows you’re a boss and need fuel that you can trust to keep you satiated during your hectic days.

*New* packaging

JEM is an incredible brand offering ridiculously delicious almond-nut butter spreads. As you likely know, we’ve proudly carried this brand for years are their ingredients are on point with what’s important to you: raw, organic, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, soaked, sprouted and stone-ground to preserve the natural essence of the ingredients while nourishing the body and soul. We’ve been satisfying our taste buds with JEM for so long and are excited to announce the brand’s new ‘‘Just Eat Me” (JEM) packaging! Watch for packaging upgrades to the following flavours in our shop: Chocolate Hazelnut, Cinnamon Maca, Cashew Cardamom, Salted Caramel, and Superberry.

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