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Caroline Nash’s Tips for Staying Disciplined

Thank you to Caroline Nash for authoring this blog post for us! Caroline is a financial crime fighter by day, Personal Trainer/Healthy Eating and Fat Loss Coach by night, and Pro UFE athlete. In today’s post, Caroline shares how she stays focused and on track with her diet while gearing up for demanding physique competitions.

Happy World Vegan Day! I just love how veganism and plant-based diets are becoming more mainstream.  People are now more educated on the benefits; nutritional, environmental and of course to animals!

My next show is on November 10th, 2018. I will be competing in Women’s Physique at the UFE Worlds representing Canada as a natural athlete (still needs to sink in!).  I absolutely love the sport of bodybuilding; it has been an amazing journey and I have learnt so much about myself and health because of it.  However, there are a number of hurdles when it comes to staying on track.  The main ones being the celebration of holidays (i.e. HALLOWEEN), and as a full-time career woman, conference food…processed sugar high galore…hello!

Now remember, competing is extreme, but here are some top tips that I would like to share that anyone can use, to help swerve those colourful candy and comfort food temptations, whilst living a busy life!

Remember your goal.
I always remind myself why I should not have certain types of food when I’m working towards a competition. If your goal is fat loss, know that there are healthier alternatives to almost all of the foods you may be craving. Reach for these, instead!

Don’t be afraid to say no (thank you!)
It is hard at first, but you CAN say no! It is easy to feel awkward, or  like you’re not part of the “celebration,” but there are so many celebrations that happen throughout the year, and you don’t have to indulge every time! You can also have fun celebrating with loved ones in new, different ways that don’t centre on foods that don’t support your goals.

Remember how you feel.
Ever have a lack of energy, feel sleepy during the day, or uncomfortable in your clothes? Well poor diet choices can be mainly attributable, so it is always good (at first when trying to improve habits) to remind yourself of these feelings and that you do not want to feel like that again.

Fail to prepare, or prepare to fail!
This quote applies to all facets of my life.  If you pre-plan your meals, you will know your food source, be able to portion control and be able to avoid convenient temptations.  I make time to cook and pack my daily food a few times a week.  The picture included with this post is of me being competition-prepared at my latest conference!

Break that habit.
It takes a shift of your neurological pathways to break a habit for a more beneficial one.  Make positive changes by writing down one or two goals that you want to achieve. For example, one goal might be “reduce processed sugar in my diet.”  Instead of reaching for that extra store bought cookie, dive into those snacks and foods that are free of refined sugar, like pre-prepared FittieBliss Berry Bombs (see recipe), guilt free! Sliced, raw veggies or fruit dipped into nut or seed butters are always great, too.

For me, “treating” my body means fuelling it with nutritious organic, high quality foods for optimum performance, not just for competing, but also to live a longer and healthier pain free life.  This is why I love Raw Elements as they only support well-researched, superior brands and products.

However, when it comes to my post show “treat,” I look forward to some Lovechock!!! A win win as these chocolates are raw, vegan, and handcrafted. Because these chocolates are raw, the nutrition and flavour of the cacao is preserved.  I love that they are dairy-free, soy-free and free of refined sugar! They come in many amazing flavours, too. Follow me on my fitness journey, even if it is to see the joy on my face when I consume all that deliciousness!

Yours in health & fitness;

Caroline (@FittieBliss) xoxo

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