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What Gets You Moving?

Thank you to Raw Elements Ambassador Kasia Sitarz for authoring this blog post for us! Kasia is an active advocate of Health and Wellness, RMT, owner of  The Clinic Health and Wellness and True Mentality, and a family focused individual passionate about helping others reach true success. She has been featured on BT Canada, Shopping Channel, City TV and in magazines, as well as the cover of Optimyz across Canada, UK, and USA. 

Are you aware of the different factors that can affect your health? Factors such as exercise (movement), nutrition, stress, and rest. In this particular blog, I will focus on two main things: movement and a little on nutrition (with two smoothie recipes) to follow. You can try the recipe before or after your movement or exercise of the day.

Let’s dive right into this now…

Movement is an important part of everyday living. Our bodies and cells in our bodies work off movement. You have likely heard the saying, “If you do not move it, you lose it”. Well, it is true. So, if you are gifted the ability to move, breathe, stretch, and get up in the morning, begin to use it to your fullest ability and watch your mind, body and spirit reap all the positive benefits from it.

November is a great time to begin any new health regimen and routine. With daylight savings time and the clocks back an hour, the body gets an extra hour of sunlight in the morning and some more restful sleep at night (if you choose to go to bed close to the hour of sunset). The extra hour allows for a great opportunity to get moving first thing in the morning before you begin any other tasks for the day. The simple decision to use this time may help you feel extra alert, awake and ready to tackle anything the day may throw at you.

Many of us also have goals before the holidays (and after) to look and feel great. If you ever feel like your body is stuck in a rut of doing the same routine over and over, or see your mind becoming bored and unenthused with the choice of exercise you are doing, it may be time for a change up in your routine. I personally find it great to periodically switch things up in my fitness routine and try something new. Try to do the same. Try a new form of movement that you may actually enjoy doing versus what you may think you have to do, in order to stay healthy and in shape.

I recently posted on social media a video of me completing a 6am Yoga class. The class included breathing, movement, and stretching. At first, I did not want to necessarily get up early to do the class, however by the end of it, I felt great. What a perfect way to begin the day! Sure, it took a little extra self-encouragement to get up, and a little extra “push” out the door. However, arriving back home before the day even began feels so liberating.  I also want to share with you that yoga did not always come easy to me. In fact, at first, I was not too sure of that form of movement for me. I never wanted to get involved in yoga because I was afraid. I was afraid to step outside my comfort zone and try something new. I saw social media posts of “yogis” doing posing I never imagined I would or could do! It was not until a back injury that I really began introducing yoga to my life. From this dark place of chronic pain, I managed to say “yes” to something new. By deciding to try something fun and new, I realized Yoga was for me.

The reason I am writing this to you is to tell you that no matter where you are in your health, it is NEVER too late to get started. It is never too late to MOVE. Find something you love or have always wanted to try, and go do it. Fear, when and if we let it, can stop us. Today, choose to let go of fear. Be brave enough to go outside your comfort zone and say “yes” to the next fun fitness class or at home fitness DVD.

Whichever it is you choose, get moving to feel, look and be great.


Pick Me Up Energy Smoothie

(makes 2 smoothies)


  • 1.5 cups Almond Milk
  • 1.5 cups natural water
  • 1 cup frozen or fresh mixed berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry)
  • 1 handful chopped Kale or spinach
  • ½ diced organic skin off cucumber
  • ½ lemon squeezed
  • Spices: 1 tsp organic cinnamon + ½  tsp pumpkin pie spice


  • 2 pitted dates ( for sweetness)
  • 1 scoop Vanilla or Chocolate Warrior Blend Sunwarrior protein
  • Added MUSHROOM bonus 1 cordyceps mushroom pack OR 1 lion’s mane mushroom


Blend with all ingredients with ice in a high speed blender.

Easy Go-To Smoothie

(makes 2 smoothies)

  • 2 Cups “dairy free” milk
  • 1/2 large frozen banana
  • 1/4 cup frozen raspberry
  • handful of spinach or sprouts
  • 1 tbsp nut butter of choice (not roasted) I used pumpkin.
  • 1 tsp chorella powder (optional superfood)
  • 1 tsp ashwaganda (optional superfood)


Blend with all ingredients with ice in a high speed blender.

Enjoy and Get Moving!

Kasia Sitarz

Stay current with Kasia by following her on Instagram!

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