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Look for Raw Elements in Sun Life’s Discovery Lab

We have some BIG news to share! We are thrilled to officially announce that we are part of Sun Life’s new digital health community. The goal of the community is to help Canadians make more informed choices about their health and wellness, through connecting its members to products, services, and information designed to educate, inspire, and truly support.

All published content on is created by credible voices within the health industry. Topics include: fitness & lifestyle, mental health, family health, diet & nutrition, virtual & home health, and aging & caregiving. The portal is also a place where members can provide their own feedback to help their fellow Canadians with similar health concerns. The peer-to-peer dialogue feature is fundamental to creating a true sense of community and maximizing the potential to forge real movements.

When it comes to your health, finding innovative solutions and relevant information could make all the difference for you and your family. But, it’s not always easy. That’s why we created this community – to surface innovative health solutions along with content and events. We want to help you live a healthier life.” – Sun Life.

You’ll find us in the Discovery Lab section of the Sun Life Digital Health Community. The Discovery Lab is a marketplace that features discounts on health-related apps, products, and services. The companies included in the Discovery Lab were thoughtfully chosen by Sun Life. Sun Life takes great care to gain deeper understanding of the common health and wellness concerns of Canadians and has built a roster of innovative partner organizations and solutions to help address pain points.

The Discovery Lab is an incredibly convenient way to discover a range of diverse tools to help you live a healthier life. Some examples of what you’ll find here include: fitness classes, meal delivery services, virtual doctor appointments, and us!

The best part? The Sun Life Digital Health Community is available to ALL Canadians who become members!

This exciting partnership was made possible by Raw Elements Affiliate, Caroline Nash. Caroline is a regulatory compliance manager for Sun Life. We have a close relationship with Caroline, as she relies on many of our products to support her healthy, active vegan lifestyle. Caroline recommended us to one of her colleagues as a great fit for this initiative and the rest is history!

For us, becoming a Sun Life Digital Health Community partner was a no brainer. We are proud to collaborate with a strong Canadian company that is paving the way for progressive changes and innovative health solutions for Canadians. As a nation-wide distributor of health and wellness supporting products, this partnership is an effective way for us to reach others that we might otherwise not reach and bring Raw Elements products to a larger, focused demographic who share our passion for wellness through nutrition.

Most importantly, this initiative completely aligns with our philosophy. We understand the holistic value of physical and mental well-being and that a balanced, healthy body and mind enables us to thrive in all areas of our day to day lives. Wellness is at the heart of all we do: it is reflected in the products we carry, the brands we partner with, and our own corporate culture.

The Raw Elements headquarters is situated on a large property with plenty of room to take an afternoon stroll-break and get some fresh air. It’s not uncommon for our team members to see Co-Owners Brent and Dawn planting fruits, vegetables and herbs on the land while out for a lunchtime walk. We always keep product samples available in our lunchroom for employees to fuel up on. There are heaps of space at HQ to take a quiet-time break and zone out for a moment.

We are committed to maintaining a supportive environment that acknowledges the individual needs of the real people who power our business. This is precisely why we are such a good match for the Sun Life Digital Health Community – they share our goal of recognizing individuals’ wellness needs, and creating tailored solutions to help them feel the very best they can.

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