Raw Ice-Pressed Olive Oil – 375ml

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Rallis Ice-Pressed Olive Oil

Rallis Ice-Pressed Olive Oil has been pressed in the complete absence of heat; a dramatic 20-30 times colder than traditional cold-pressed olive oil! How does ice-pressed olive oil compare to cold-pressed olive oil? It’s a critical distinction in terms of maintaining the oil’s nutritive and healing potential. It also allows Rallis to stake claim as one of the world’s only RAW producers of olive oil. The net result is a raw, living oil that is both super nutritious and super delicious.

One of the simplest measures of quality is an olive oil’s acidity. A great olive oil will test at 0.3% acidity. Rallis Ice-Pressed Olive Oil produces a NEAR FLAWLESS 0.017%! Another reason to feel great about enjoying this oil? It is made using an artisan farming technique. While the ice-press technology may be cutting edge, Rallis still farms the old fashioned way. This means no chemicals, no sprays and no fancy machinery.

As the farming industry continues to evolve and the costs of production continue to increase, many companies use aggressive short cuts — like radical pesticides and chemicals to control Grubb and grass. Although not as cost effective, Rallis continues to cultivate and control grass through mechanical, organic and non-chemical means. Most importantly, you can feel confident knnowing this oil actually comes from farm! Olive oil is notorious for being from anywhere but. Unlike any other olive oil, Rallis actually puts their farm registration number on each bottle.

Each bottle of Rallis Ice-Pressed Olive Oil contains the essence of early harvest olives. Several significant factors impact the antioxidant value of olive oil: late harvest, mechanical agitation, slow to press, high heat and filtering. Rallis bypasses these common trappings to ensure its olive oil maintains the highest antioxidant and energetic value, and its status as a raw superfood!

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1 review for Raw Ice-Pressed Olive Oil – 375ml

  1. Sherri McLeod

    I ordered this oil and it is the best olive oil that I have ever had.

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    what is the polyphenol (oleocanthal) etc, content of the oil please?
  1. Q what is the polyphenol (oleocanthal) etc, content of the oil please? answer now
    Asked by philly on November 23, 2021 6:24 am
    Answered by the admin The total polyphenols are 539mg/kg. Oleocanthal is 117mg/kg.

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