My Matcha Life Matcha pUre™ Singles – 24 Pack

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My Matcha Life – Matcha pUre™ Singles

My Matcha Life Matcha pUre™ Singles are convenient single serving ceremonial matcha, go anywhere packets of healthy energy, mental focus and calm well-being. Perfect for home, office, gym or travel. Shake it up hot or cold. Each packet of Matcha pUre™ Singles contains a smooth tasting serving (1.5 grams) of 100% Japanese ceremonial grade matcha tea. No cheap chicory root or corn fibre filling or additives like our competitors. Matcha pUre™ is nothing but richly pure, hand-picked, stone-ground matcha tea powder. Nature’s best source of healthy amino acids and powerful antioxidants. Each packet has the health benefits of 10 (yes 10) cups of regular green tea. Try our handy pocket-size 10 packet container today. Matcha pUre™ singles are the affordable introduction to quality matcha.

“Tea is nature’s ultimate mental and medicinal remedy” ~Zen Buddhist Monk Esai,1211

Suggested Use:  Add 1 single sachet into a shaker bottle or water bottle.  Add 8-10oz  water or desired beverage and shake vigorously.  Alternatively, for traditional matcha use a bamboo whisk with hot water or nut milk and whisk in a cup or matcha bowl.

What is Matcha  
Matsu = powdered, Cha = tea.  Matcha pUre™ singles use only the top, youngest, most vibrantly green tea leaf.  The entire tea leaf is  consumed in powdered form.

How To Choose Matcha 
Japanese grown
Bright green color
Smooth tasting, not bitter
No sweeteners, fillers
Packaged in a tin with airlock seal

Not All Matcha Is Created Equal
Best quality matcha is shade grown, handpicked, de-stemmed and stone ground. Only Japanese matcha is processed according to high international food safety standards, using authentic processing methods that ensure nutrients, colour and taste remain intact.  Select My Matcha Life Matcha pUre™ Singles and you’re guaranteed the worlds best matcha because great care is taken to ensure a premium quality product while upholding the most stringent safety standards.

Health Benefits Of Matcha
Sustained Energy 2-4 hr sustained lift of energy.
Calm Mental Alertness L-theanine found exclusively in tea induces calmness, focus, mental clarity and improve cognitive function.
Anti-Oxidants tea has powerful antioxidants that fight free-radicals.
Weight Management research indicates when consumed regularly, drinking green tea may boost metabolism by 35-40%




100% Authentic Japanese Ceremonial grade Matcha tea

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