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OJIO Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Ojio Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is centrifuge extracted to produce a coconut oil like no other available on the market. Sourced from the Philippines to ensure purity and ethical trade.

Ojio Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is unique from other virgin coconut oils because it does not go through either a quick drying or wet-milling process. Instead, OJIO uses a centrifuge extraction process to derive the oil from fresh coconuts. Pure centrifuged organic coconut oil is a powerful contributor to a healthy body, both inside and out, containing both medium and short chain fatty acids. Our method requires no heat at all and produces an oil that is absolutely amazing.

  • Is organic and extracted by centrifuge creating the purest oil available.
  • It has been described as the Healthiest Oil on Earth.
  • Coconut oil is slow to oxidize, and thus resistant to rancidity.
  • Use externally as a hair and skin conditioner or as a stress-reducing massage oil.
  • Use as a cooking oil or as a butter substitute.
  • The Medium Chain fatty acids in coconut oil are the only low calorie fat in the world.
  • Can be used as a solid under 76° or easily melted into recipes.

OJIO Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is incredibly versatile. Use it to upgrade your cooking oils and baking, blend it into smoothies, make Ketogenic diet-friendly “fat bombs” and more. Use it externally as a moisturizer, make-up remover, shaving oil, and so much more.

Ojio takes great care in sourcing only the highest quality foods. Ojio believes that good health is essential to happiness, so they are committed to sourcing foods that promote the highest level of physical well-being – foods from the most mineral rich, nutrient dense, micro-environments and growing regions on earth. You will love the great taste, and the healthy benefits will assure you that Ojio is the best choice for you and your family.

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