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Giddy Yo Organic Camu Camu Powder – 113g

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Giddy Yo – Organic Camu Camu Powder

CAMU CAMU is a superfood champion originating from the Amazonian rainforest in Peru. Camu contains a myriad of nutrients and powerful plant compounds, but is best known as one of the most concentrated botanical sources of Vitamin C in the world (2–3% of fresh weight). Our camu originates in the mineral rich soil of the Amazonian Rainforest, is organic, vegan, gluten free and low temperature processed. It takes 5.6 kg of fresh fruit (including the skins and seeds) to make 1 kg of Giddy Yo dried camu camu powder. 1.5 tsp. (5g) of Giddy Camu Camu contains approximately 880% of the RDI of Vitamin C.

Camu Camu is typically harvested directly into a freezer boat, which travels down the waterways of the Amazon where it is picked at the height of ripeness and flash-frozen. It’s then taken to a processing plant where it is thawed, processed, and spray dried. The resulting powder is tangy and ranges from a pale pink to yellow beige to a brick red colour.

  • Organic, Non GMO, Vegan and Gluten Free
  • Free of Gluten, Nuts, Dairy, Soy, and Refined Sugar
  • Grown in Nova Scotia
  • Use ¼-1 tsp. per serving. For best results use in divided doses throughout the day, as many times as needed. Try blending camu camu in juice, water, smoothies, raw ice creams and desserts.
  • Store in a cool, dry place-out of direct sunlight and in an airtight container.



Ingredients: Organic Camu Camu berry powder.

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