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Why We Are Committing to #NoSugarNovember

By now, many people have realized that refined white sugar contributes nothing positive to their health. Others have heard or read about the negatives associated with sugar consumption, but remain foggy on the exact ways it tears down wellness. As the frequency of these conversations increase, they start to morph into debates, with skeptics doubting whether sugar really is as harmful as many of us believe.

At Raw Elements, we believe so strongly in the benefits of removing sugar from our eating that we have devoted the month of November to sharing information about sugar consumption, along with strategies for transitioning to a sugar-free lifestyle.

This No Sugar November blog post is intended to arm you with the knowledge you need to re-examine your relationship with sugar. We’ve gathered compelling, science-backed reasons to ditch the powdery white stuff, as well as information that may make you wary of popular sugar substitutes. This is truly food for thought.

Study-Backed Insights into Sugar’s Impact on Your Body & Health

  • One 15-year study found that participants who consumed 25% or more of their daily calories from sugar were more than twice as likely to die from heart disease, as compared to those whose diets included less than 10% added sugar – Source
  • Researchers from the University College London studied 5,000 men and found a strong association between high sugar consumption (more than 67g per day) and an increased chance of suffering a common mental disorder after five years – 23% higher risk than those who consumed the lowest levels of sugar (less than 39.5g) – Source
  • A USC study found that participants who ate foods with fructose (compared to glucose) experienced increased hunger and cravings – Source
  • Studies have shown that consuming the equivalent of 20 teaspoons of sugar (the amount contained in two average 12oz sodas) supresses the body’s immune responses – Source
  • Ingesting just two servings of sugar-sweetened beverages per week has been linked to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes – Source
  • One recent study has indicated that a diet high in sugar could stimulate cancer tumour growth – Source
  • Sugar is found in 74% of packaged foods available at supermarkets – including savoury foods or products marketed as “healthy” – Source

Dangers & Things to Note About Conventional Sugar Alternatives

  • Scientists from the University of Manitoba found that artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame, sucralose and stevia) may be tied to long-term weight gain, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease – Source
  • Researchers from the University of Adelaide found that artificial sweeteners “fake out” your body and in as little as two weeks, your body’s ability to control blood glucose becomes compromised – Source
  • A recent study published in Stroke (the journal of the American Heart Association) found that drinking at least one artificially sweetened beverage per day was associated with nearly three times the risk of developing stroke or dementia – Source
  • Animal studies point to the addictive nature of artificial sweeteners; in studies of rats exposed to cocaine then given a choice between intravenous cocaine and oral saccharine, most chose saccharin – Source

Whether you’re looking to eliminate sugar from your diet, or simply reduce your intake, it can feel daunting because it is so prolific. It lurks in even the most seemingly innocuous of places and offers nothing but empty calories.

Given the above points of concern with many widely available sugar substitutes, attaining a sugar-free diet can feel near impossible. This is precisely why choosing the right all-natural sugar alternative or sweetener is so important. However, this search has become complicated as well. Today, many “natural” sugar alternatives have become so commercially popular that they’ve been compromised for the sake of mass production. This often takes the form of additives, preservatives and excessive processing. Aside from this, many people simply do not enjoy the bitter aftertaste that accompanies many of these naturally-derived sugar alternatives. Where does that leave us?

With everything know about refined sugar, and artificial and “natural” sweeteners available today, we are confident in reaching for Lakanto sweeteners and sugar-free products. The Classic and Golden sugar substitutes are particularly amazing for a few reasons:

  • Made with Monkfruit extract
  • Zero calories, zero glycemic
  • Vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free
  • Cook and bake just like real sugar; use as a 1:1 replacement
  • Same taste and texture as white granulated sugar (Classic Lakanto) and brown sugar (Golden Lakanto)
  • No aftertaste
  • No artificial flavours

We encourage you to check out our No Sugar November page throughout the month for discounts on Lakanto’s incredible plant-based lineup. Each week, select Lakanto products will be reduced! As a bonus to really kick start or support your No Sugar Journey this month, we’re offering 25% off all sizes of Lakanto Classic and Lakanto Golden all month long. Shop now!

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