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Raw Elements Approaches Environmental Responsibility

As a company whose mission it is to find the world’s most nutrient rich foods and whole-food supplements, the health of the planet is something we often think about. What are the steps we can take to minimize or neutralize our ecological footprint? How can we tangibly support the natural ecosystem surrounding our headquarters in Rockwood, Ontario? Who are the brands and ambassadors we can partner with who share our environmental conscientiousness? These are some of the important questions that shape the way we operate.

We believe that environmental awareness and responsibility should be a daily practice, but because today is World Environment Day, we wanted to highlight some of the efforts Raw Elements undertakes in the name of environmental protection and sustainability.

We start at home
We are lucky to say that our headquarter is situated on many acres of land. We have made the most of this space by planting things that we can harvest and eat, and that work to support our surrounding ecosystem. We recently planted hazelnut, mulberry, and profusion crab apple trees, schizandra, goji berries, and jujube plants at our warehouse property. We have also recently installed new birdhouses on the premises.

We’re big fans of bio-dynamic agriculture and have planted a variety of fruits and vegetables on our property over the years. The image we used for this blog header is of our no-dig garlic garden. Planting sunflowers and heirloom corn is next on deck!

Another way we celebrate the environment and the bounty it offers here at Raw Elements is by providing all of our employees with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships. Each week, our CSA partner – a farm called Everdale, located in Hillsburgh, Ontario – delivers fresh, local and organic produce to our office in reusable bags. Connecting people and real food is our passion, so we are thrilled to not only offer this program to our team, but also support the Everdale’s farmers.

We work with likeminded people
It’s important that our partners share our values when it comes to the environment. For this reason, we make it a priority to work with top plant-based brands whose business practices and philosophies align with our own.

From Sunwarrior’s commitment to sourcing organic ingredients and using recycled and recyclable packaging, to Ultimate Superfoods’ decision to work directly with farmers and growers across the world, we can proudly stand behind carrying these products because of the responsible manner in which they are created. Dandy Blend’s mission – to make the most of nature’s goodness – dates all the way back to 1988, when Goosefoot Acres Inc. and Goosefoot Acres Centre for Resourceful Living was established in the spirit of helping people see the value and potential in edible wild plants – in this case, dandelion root. Lakanto is produced in the only monk fruit factory that produces zero emissions, and they reuse filtered waste water created during processing to create organic compost from monk fruit residue. These are but a few examples of how important it is to us to collaborate with companies who share our respect of Mother Nature.

If you have any questions about our environmental initiatives, please reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram! For now, we will leave you with this question: how will you celebrate the environment today?

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