Q+A with Raw Elements IHN Bursary Recipient Shannon Dinner

Q+A with Raw Elements IHN Bursary Recipient Shannon Dinner

At Raw Elements, we’re dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by positively supporting our customers’ fitness and wellness goals through the products we distribute and the educational content we deliver.

This year, we wanted to extend our support a little further and in a new, exciting way. This was our motivation for partnering with the Institute of Holistic Nutrition School (IHN) to offer one deserving individual the Raw Elements Bursary Award. The award includes a full scholarship (tuition and books) to attend the September enrollment of CNP, Certified Nutritional Practitioner program in Toronto.

We believe wholeheartedly that IHN’s mission to train qualified educator partners in the field of nutrition and wellness is changing the landscape of complimentary health care and providing a brighter future for everyone.

Our inaugural bursary application experience was exciting! We interviewed a number of candidates. We heard their stories and listened to their deep reasoning for wanting to attend IHN. It was incredibly difficult to choose just one award recipient from so many wonderful applicants, but we could not be more thrilled with the individual who stood out from the rest to receive an educational opportunity of a lifetime!

Without further ado, let’s hear from Raw Elements’ 2019 IHN Bursary Recipient, Shannon Dinner.

We have to start with this question: is your last name is really “Dinner”?
LOL, yes, seriously! I get that A LOT. I get that all the time and it is ironic now that I’m in the food industry. So fitting!

Tell us, what inspired you to apply for the Raw Elements IHN Bursary?
For many years I’ve dealt with digestive issues. I’ve always been a skinny person and could eat anything and never gain weight. Because of this I ate anything I wanted.

Recently, my mother got breast cancer and through research I learned that adopting a vegan/raw diet could help to heal her. So together with my mom, I jumped in and radically changed the way I eat.

Early after making the dietary change, I saw big improvements in my complexion and my stomach pains dissipated. That’s when I became inspired to learn as much as I could about nutrition. Applying for the bursary was an opportunity for me to fully immerse myself in this education to help my mom, myself, and others who are struggling.

Who is your greatest inspiration?
Definitely my mom. She is strong and overcomes any obstacle that comes her way. If it wasn’t for her breast cancer, neither of us would be on this journey of healing through nutrition.

How has the bursary changed your life?
OMG, I can’t even begin to put into words how incredible this is! It has propelled me forward – I’m learning more so I can help others and I’m so grateful.

Where do you see yourself upon graduating IHN?
I’m not entirely sure just yet because every week at school I’m learning something new that inspires me; however, I do know that my calling is to serve others and give back. Ultimately, I want to grow my own food and herbs and serve this to help heal others.

How have your first few weeks of school been?
Scary, crazy, exhausting and wonderful all at once! IHN’s Founder, Elizabeth, and the professors are so deeply passionate about what they do that it permeates throughout the school. I love the challenge of learning. It’s been so amazing. Lots of tests and exams…but, its going really well!

Is there anything you wish to say about Raw Elements?
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel blessed. I recently met Raw Elements’ owners Dawn and Breent at the CHFA East show in Toronto and they epitomize holistic living. Their leadership is a true representation of their company and products. I feel so grateful to be a part of the Raw Elements team.

Any final thoughts to share with our readers?
Support what you believe in. I feel blessed to be aligned with Raw Elements because they stand for quality and partner with amazing brands that are heart-centered. Because of this, I know I can get behind the brands, the products, and the people that created these products to help people.

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