Vegan Weight Loss Product Bundle


  • Lakanto Classic
  • Lovechock 93% Cacao Chocolate Tablet
  • Sewanti Diarid
  • My MatchaLife Barista’s Matcha
  • Sunwarrior Liquid Light
  • Sunwarrior Classic Plus Protein

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Vegan Weight Loss Product Bundle

Losing weight should not be torture. At Raw Elements, we believe that restoring the body’s balance, removing sugar and adding high quality raw, plant-based fat to your daily eating is an effective strategy for weight loss. Our Vegan Weight Loss Product Bundle contains organic products handpicked to help you easily follow this strategy for weight loss success.

Raw Elements’ Vegan Weight Loss Product Bundle is the ultimate in convenience for those trying to slim down and tighten up. Each product was selected for its supreme nutrition.

Raw Elements’ Vegan Weight Loss Product Bundle includes the following:


Why these products?

Removing sugar from your diet can be extremely difficult. Sugar is in everything. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Using Lakanto in place of any sugar you currently use is easy and immediately effective. Lakanto has no glycemic response and no calories. Best of all, it can be used in place of sugar 1:1 in tea, coffee and baking.

Sewanti Diarid capsules help balance blood sugar and insulin while protecting pancreatic beta cells. Diarid also assists with water retention, so you may notice a few more trips to the bathroom when you begin taking this remedy. Take 2 capsules before each meal.

Coconut oil is an effective plant-based fat that can curb hunger pains. Effectively used in your smoothie with Sun Warrior Protein, or as a vegan alternative to butter coffee. Protein and fat are great companions! Keep the carbs in your smoothie to a minimum and you will notice that you feel full and satisfied for hours.

Many believe that we crave food as our current food supply is deficient in minerals. Land has been over-farmed, and mono-cultured crops have robbed the soil of our precious minerals. The most effective way of introducing minerals to your body is via fulvic acid liquid – Liquid Light. Taken daily, your mineral stores will start to increase, your energy will rise and cravings will slowly decrease. Take 3 capfuls daily for the initial 3 weeks of your protocol. For the remainder, take 1 capful per day. Liquid light is easily taken as a shot, diluted in a glass of water or added to a smoothie.

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