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Are you struggling with persistent low energy? Having trouble getting a good night’s rest? Experiencing brain fog that clouds your concentration at work and at the gym? It may be time to press the reset button on your system.

We believe that effectively cleansing the body and its vital systems can, and should, be done in a natural way that does not involve the use of heavily processed chemical supplements. The Raw Elements Spring Cleanse Bundle works to feed, alkalize, and cleanse your body – and eliminate pathogens – with three nutritionally potent plant-based supplements. Within 18 days, you will restore and rebalance your health on a deep level, giving way to increased energy, improved toxin release, feelings of lightness, and more.

When it comes to cleanses, many people do not know where to begin or don’t understand the benefits of setting aside a few weeks to reset their health. A practical cleanse that involves consuming whole foods and natural supplements creates the ideal environment for wellness to flourish within your body. Our Spring Cleanse Bundle simplifies the process of knowing which supplements work together to help your mind, body, and spirit achieve harmony. You should feel confident and excited about optimizing your well-being, not confused or overwhelmed. We created this bundle so that all you have do is follow along and see and feel the benefits.

What the Spring Cleanse Bundle is…
• Taken together with a whole food diet, an 18-day protocol that is intended to help you reset your wellness – see below for tips and recommendations on foods to eat while using the Spring Cleanse Bundle
• Based on daily intake of three specific supplements
• Designed to help nourish and cleanse your body, and rid it of pathogens

What the Spring Cleanse Bundle is not…
• A colon cleanse, but it will assist in this area
• Based on deprivation, restriction, or calorie counting
• Unrealistic or impractical – this cleanse emphasizes consuming whole foods from the earth each day, along with three 100% natural supplements

What are the benefits of the Spring Cleanse Bundle?…
• Toxin release at a deep level
• Increased energy
• Pathogen removal, which works to improve health in a number of important areas; including but not limited to digestion, sleep quality, immune system function and hair and skin quality

Which supplements are included in the Spring Cleanse Bundle?…

1. HealthForce Superfoods Acerola Cherry Powder-105g
Acerola Cherry Powder is 100% whole food, coming from acerola cherry extract. Acerola cherry is native to South America, Southern Mexico and Central America, but is now also grown in Texas and other subtropical areas like India. These tart cherries are low in calories and exceptionally rich in Vitamin C and other vitamins vital to human health. HealthForce Superfoods distills the natural benefits of this superfood into a convenient and easy to use powdered supplement that has no fillers of artificial additives or preservatives.

Vitamin C plays an important role in the body. It is an essential part of hormone regulation, mood stabilization, immune health, and the production of collagen. Vitamin C deficiency can often be mistaken as a symptom of a busy lifestyle or a by-product of stress. General fatigue, joint pain, dry and damaged skin, and bruising easily are common signs that your body may not be getting enough of this nutrient.
Usage: Take 2 teaspoons per day. It may be mixed into water or smoothies.

2. HealthForce Superfoods Vitamineral Green-150g
Vitamineral Green is a therapeutic superfood powder that contains 25 of the most micro-nutrient rich and bio-diverse whole foods on the planet, such as nettles, moringa leaf, horsetail, amla berry, and shilajit. Offering a potent array of nature’s most cleansing foods, Vitamineral Green ingredients are grown, and processed below 118 degrees, to maximize their nutritive value. This raw plant-based supplement was thoughtfully formulated to naturally deliver what our bodies require in order to function optimally. Highlights include:

• Six kinds of sea vegetables provide iodine and trace minerals
• Six strains of probiotics
• Thousands of phytonutrients
• Significant fibre
• Powerful antioxidants

Usage: Add 1 teaspoon in cool water and drink upon waking.

3. HealthForce Superfoods SCRAM-150 Vegan Caps – Parasite/Pathogen Cleanse
Coming into contact with pathogens is unavoidable because they are found nearly everywhere in our environment. They most commonly enter our bodies through the air we breathe, the food we eat, or through our interactions with our pets (who are often contaminated with many different types of pathogens that transfer easily to humans). Once these organisms invade our system, they steal vital nutrients from the food and supplements that we consume. The presence of parasites or pathogens within the body can reveal itself in a number of ways, including rashes and skin problems, digestive distress and stomach pain, loss of appetite and nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and much more.

SCRAM uses therapeutically effective quantities herbs like black walnut, cloves, and wormwood to naturally defend against, and support the removal of, pathogens within the digestive tract. The powerful combination of herbal extracts and enzymes work to gently and effectively support healthy intestinal balance while supporting the liver’s normal function to purge harmful substances. HealthForce Superfoods SCRAM is the ultimate support while cleansing the body. Supplement highlights include:

• Natural support for healthy digestion, intestinal ecology, and detoxification
• Helps with candida overgrowth
• Liver support
• Enzymes to help dissolve pathogen biofilms
• Addresses all growth stages of pathogenic organisms

Usage: Take at the same time each day

• Day 1: One capsule
• Day 2: Three capsules
• Day 3: Six capsules
• Days 4-18: 10 capsules all at once

What should I eat and drink while using the Spring Cleanse Bundle?…

Enjoy daily…
• Drink two to three litres of pure water per day
• Plant-based proteins (e.g., Sunwarrior rice protein powder, Legumes, Dark leafy green vegetables, Spirulina and Chlorella and Sprouts)
• Grains (e.g., Millet, Quinoa, Wild rice, Brown rice, Barley, Amaranth, Kamut)
• Non-starchy vegetables – Aim to consume many colours each day!
• Fruits – If you are a big fan of fruit, reach for low GI varieties (e.g., berries and apples)
• Raw, unsalted nuts and seeds
• Raw, cold-pressed oil
• Gluten-free pasta (enjoy sparingly)
• Raw nut butters made without refined sugar
• Herbal teas

Say no to…
• Eliminate alcohol or avoid it as much as possible. If you are going to drink, reach for wine rather than beer or hard liquor. For every glass of wine you consume, drink a glass of water.
• Eliminate caffeine or avoid it as much as possible. Try Dandy Blend to wean yourself off coffee and avoid caffeine withdrawal symptoms.
• White flour and products containing white flour
• Processed grain products (i.e. wheat)
• White/refined sugars
• Heated fats
• Roasted nuts
• Margarine
• Pasteurized dairy products
• All aspartame and chemical/artificial sweeteners

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