Lovechock Pure/Nibs Organic Raw Chocolate – 40g

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Pure/Nibs Organic Raw Chocolate

Sometimes you just crave a pure chocolate experience. No added fruits, no added nuts, just full-bodied chocolate flavour. That’s what Lovechock’s Pure/Nibs Organic Raw Chocolate has to offer. Crunchy pieces of cacao bean marry with sinfully smooth chocolate to deliver an unparalleled flavour sensation. Cacao nibs are simply chocolate in its purest form, before anything else is added. The crunch comes from dried and fermented pieces of cacao beans. Lovechock uses rare cacao beans called Arriba Nacionale, which require careful and dedicated cultivation. These beans are full of intense flavour with tones of exotic fruits and spicy, flowery accents, making Lovechock’s Pure/Nibs Organic Raw Chocolate a must-try for any chocolate lover.

Lovechock uses only the best organic and vegan ingredients. All Lovechock chocolates are milk free, soy free and gluten free. What makes their process different than other chocolate brands is a unique cold ground technique. This method preserves the beautiful raw cacao flavour and nutrients, namely antioxidants, or what we like to call flavonoids (also known as “love chemicals”). One of the most impressive aspects Lovechock chocolates is that they are crafted without refined sugar. In place of conventional table sugar, Lovechock uses the dried nectar of Javanese coconut palm tree blossoms, which is rich in minerals and flavonoids, and does not cause sharp changes in blood sugar levels. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), it is considered the most sustainable sugar.

From choosing ingredients to packaging the product, Lovechock prides itself on taking a healthy, sustainable and fair approach. They love Mother Earth! That’s why all Lovechock packaging is 100% eco-friendly. The cardboard is made of trees from sustainable cultivated forests and the inside of the wrapper is printed with organic ink. Lovechock is also one of the first chocolate bar companies to use home compostable foil that you can throw away in any organic or compostable waste bin.

The world revolves around love for each other. Lovechock believes in treating everyone with respect, no matter who they are or where they come from. Lovechock works with carefully selected cacao suppliers that collaborate directly with small farmers. This allows Lovechock to guarantee that all farmers involved in the production of its products receive fair wages and are treated with respect.

Lovechock chocolates are created using a meticulous and complex process which demands passion and dedication. All chocolate is produced in a sheltered workshop located in Leiden, Netherlands. It’s the only sheltered workshop to be able to boast a professional chocolaterie. Lovechock believes in the talent of its team, and that’s why all of their chocolate is made by hand with love!

P.S. Lovechock wants to motivate you with every bite! Each chocolate bar package contains a special message. Enjoy!


Ingredients: Cacao mass*, cacao butter*, dried coconut blossom nectar*, cacao nibs* (10%), lucuma powder*, bourbon vanilla*, sea salt. Chocolate part contains: minimum 81% cacao solids.

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1 review for Lovechock Pure/Nibs Organic Raw Chocolate – 40g

  1. tedderel

    We are enjoying these bars so much! Just a piece or two with a hot cup of mushroom coffee is the perfect low-glycemic pick me up. Only 1g of sugar per piece, all from Raw organic coconut nectar We are on a Candida cleanse right now, but excited to try the other flavours when we are done as dates are a no-no right now.

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