Dandy Blend 454 Servings – 2lb

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Dandy Blend

  • It tastes remarkably like a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee, no brewing, dissolves instantly in hot or cold liquid.
  • It is caffeine free, and has no acidity or bitterness. It is the only herbal coffee substitute in the US that features both the health benefits of dandelion root and the rich, full-bodied flavor, smoothness and texture of real coffee. Many say that, because it lacks bitterness and acidity, it actually tastes better than coffee.
  • It is made of water-soluble extracts of roasted roots of dandelion, chicory and beets, and the grains of barley and rye. Nothing else is added. While we make no claims for Dandy Blend other than that it is a delicious herbal beverage with the taste, body, and texture of coffee, the ingredients – dandelion, chicory and beet roots, and barley and rye grains – are all health-promoting foods respected throughout the world.
  • It contains no gluten. Gluten, which is comprised of proteins that are not water-soluble, is left behind in the grounds to be composted during the extracting process, leaving Dandy Blend gluten-free.
  • The sweetness some perceive in Dandy Blend is primarily from the fructose that occurs naturally in the roots of dandelion and chicory. Many people require no additional sweeteners.
  • It contains over 50 trace minerals in each cup, most of which the body uses to help synthesize compounds needed in metabolism.
  • There are no headaches or other withdrawal symptoms when switching from coffee to Dandy Blend. It is like switching from one brand of coffee to another. Most people generally can’t tell that they aren’t drinking coffee.
  • On top of all this, Dandy Blend costs as little as 7 cents a cup – less, on a per cup basis, than coffee, or instant coffee alternatives that do not contain dandelion. To keep

Dandelion root is what makes Dandy Blend unique and so much better that it stands out from all other options available. Dandelion may be considered a nuisance plant, but to people all over the world it is valued and a highly respected herbal medicine. It is one of the top six herbs in the Chinese medicine chest. If your doctor or health practitioner has recommended that you give up coffee, and/or add dandelion to your diet, Dandy Blend is by far the easiest way to do that AND still continue enjoying the flavor and texture of a good “cuppa joe” at the same time.


Extracts of roasted barley, rye, chicory root, dandelion root and beet root.

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    Yes I do have a question! How can it be SO GOOD? Cold in water, hot in water, cold in milk, hot in milk... is there anything Dandy blend cant do? I dont even dare mix it into vanilla ice cream. It's ever so bitter and ever so sweet... it's really just perfect in a package. Please tell me... Is it too good to be true?
  1. Q Yes I do have a question! How can it be SO GOOD? Cold in water, hot in water, cold in milk, hot i...... Read more
    Asked by Taylor on May 22, 2020 8:28 pm
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  2. i dont see a carb / protein/fat breakdown. beets are mentioned. makes me wonder about carbohydrate content. sorry but i have l;earned not to just believe because it is found under a keto heading. truly i wish to know and will of course now move to google also. hehehe. thanks
  3. Q i dont see a carb / protein/fat breakdown. beets are mentioned. makes me wonder about carbohydrat...... Read more answer now
    Asked by wenda knox-everett on November 12, 2019 11:17 am
    Answered by the admin Hi Wenda, Good question! We do have the Nutritional Facts Table included within the Nutrition tab on this page but perhaps you missed it :) For reference one serving (1 tsp) of Dandy Blend includes 0g of Fat, 0.1g of Protein and 0.8g of Total Carbs. There is .042g of sugar in a serving, most of it is fructose which is derived from roasting the dandelion and chicory roots, making it ideal for a low sugar/carb diet. Let us know what you think of Dandy Blend after you try it - many of our Keto customers love it!

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