Lovechock Goji/Orange Organic Raw Chocolate – 40gLovechock Goji/Orange Organic Raw Chocolate – 40g
Lovechock Goji/Orange Organic Raw Chocolate - Raw Elements

Lovechock Goji/Orange Organic Raw Chocolate – 40g




Goji/Orange Organic Raw Chocolate

Start your day off on a harmonious note with Lovechock’s Goji/Orange Organic Raw Chocolate! This chocolate bar offers a refined and sensual combination of cacao and tangy fruit, times two! Goji berries originate in China, Mongolia, and Tibet. According to traditional Chinese medicine, goji berries possess all manner of healing powers and contain an abundance of healthy nutrients, including many antioxidants. Indulge with confidence – Lovechock only uses organic certified goji berries that have undergone extra lab testing to ensure that they are truly organic.

Lovechock chocolate is raw, organic and vegan. Lovechock uses premium ingredients – all of which are milk free, soy free and gluten free. What makes their process different from others is a cold ground technique. This method preserves the beautiful raw cacao nutrients, namely antioxidants, or what we like to call flavonoids (also known as “love chemicals”). One of the most impressive aspects of this brand is that all chocolates are crafted without refined sugar. In place of traditional white sugar, Lovechock uses the dried nectar of Javanese coconut palm tree blossoms, which is rich in minerals and flavonoids, and does not cause sharp changes in blood sugar levels. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), it is considered the most sustainable sugar.

From product packaging to ingredient selection, Lovechock is committed to sustainability and fairness. They love Mother Earth! That’s why all Lovechock packaging is environmentally friendly. The recyclable cardboard is made from trees in sustainable cultivated forests, and the inside wrapper is printed with organic ink. Lovechock is also one of the first chocolate bar companies to use compostable foil that you can throw away in any organic or compostable waste bin.

Lovechock partners with carefully selected cacao suppliers that work directly with small farmers. This allows Lovechock to guarantee that all farmers involved in the production of its products receive fair wages and are treated with respect.

Lovechock chocolates are created using a meticulous and complex process which demands passion and dedication. All chocolate is produced in a sheltered workshop located in Leiden, Netherlands, where people with disabilities (psychological, mental or physical) can work under supervision. It’s the only sheltered workshop to boast a professional chocolaterie. Lovechock believes in the talent and capacity of each of their team members, and that’s why all of their chocolate is lovingly made by hand!

P.S. Lovechock wants to motivate you with every bite! Each package contains a special message. Enjoy!

Made with 100% organic ingredients
Suitable for a vegan diet
Contains no refined sugars
Sweetened with coconut blossom nectar
Dairy free, soy free and gluten free
Environmentally friendly
Contains flavonoids
May contain traces of nuts

Ingredients: Cacao mass*, cacao butter*, dried coconut blossom nectar*, rehydrated buckwheat*, dried goji berries* (9%), lucuma powder*, bourbon vanilla*, cinnamon powder*, orange oil*, orange blossom oil*, sea salt. Chocolate part contains: minimum 81% cacao solids.

Lovechock was born out of pure passion in 2007, after Lovechock Founder, Laura de Nooijer, travelled extensively through Mexico and Brazil. This journey ultimately transformed Laura’s life and unlocked a deeper curiosity about the power of plants. Laura had already been interested in raw foods and their pure life force, but her travels led her to discover what the ancient Mayas already knew about and used: the magical power of love in raw chocolate.

Shortly after returning home to the Netherlands, Laura began making her own raw chocolate at home. During this time, raw chocolate was not readily available in the Netherlands. Laura poured her enthusiasm into her hand-crafted chocolates, experimenting with different ingredients and flavours. Proud of her delicious handiwork, she would get her friends and family to taste test her creations.

Word of Laura’s delicious chocolates spread quickly and soon she was receiving orders from her friends, followed by chocolate enthusiasts outside her immediate circle. Lovechock continued to grow to the passionate brand it is today.

Lovechock wants to open people’s hearts by making the most delicious chocolate, using the finest, life-giving ingredients. Lovechock seeks to introduce people to the pure essence of cacao.

Lovechock chooses the very best raw, cold pressed cacao so that the flavonoids and “love chemicals” remain intact. Lovechocok select 100% organic ingredients and combines them with whole pieces of super fruits and nuts.

“I am still learning new things about chocolate every day. Making chocolate is a beautiful art. I love playing with ingredients, flavours the effects and the magic of chocolate. For me, cacao is a sacred plant. It is full of love, joyfulness and humour. I want to bring people back to experiencing the quintessence of the cacao plant.”
– Laura de Nooijer, founder of Lovechock

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