OJIO Dominican Cacao Power – 5lbsOJIO Dominican Cacao Power – 5lbs

OJIO Dominican Cacao Power – 5lbs




OJIO Dominican Cacao Powder

Ojio Dominican Cacao is of the Forastero variety. It is very common around the world and what most people are familiar with from a taste perspective. The cacao is non-GMO, non-hybridized, and cultivated from a combination of old growth cacao trees and new trees that have been planted to help maintain not only the forests but the livelihoods of the farmers and harvesters.

Freshly harvested cacao beans are extracted from the cacao pod and then piled in wooden boxes, roughly 3 feet square, which are then wrapped with banana leaves. The moisture content gradually decreases, as heat from the fermentation process reaches its peak, destroying the beans’ ability to germinate. During this 4-5 day period, the beans are moved twice to ensure even results. After the fermentation process, the cocoa beans still contain a lot of moisture, so we dry them further on wooden drawers under the tropical sun. Once the proper moisture content (approximately 7%) is reached, the drying process is complete. The beans turn a rich, brown color and are ready to pass through a selecting and cleaning machine. This step also serves to separate the beans by size and weight. Some beans are then broken into nibs, while the rest are ground into a fine paste. The cacao paste is formed into solid blocks for sale while the rest is designated for pressing into powder and butter.

  • Meticulous organic farming methods used
  • Rich in iron and other essential minerals
  • 20%-25% Fat content
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Non-GMO

Tastes great when added to milk, smoothies, protein shakes, coffee, and desserts!

Ultimate Superfoods

Ultimate Superfoods has sourced and developed superfood products made of the highest quality foods and ingredients from around the world. Committed to using superior foods from the most mineral-rich and nutrient dense micro-environments and growing regions on earth, Ultimate Superfoods seeks to help people achieve their goal of healthy, natural and vibrant nutrition. Achieving the highest level of health requires foods that nurtures and generates a condition where the body can perform optimally. Ultimate Superfoods has recognized the need for delicious, high quality health foods, and created a line of products that delivers.

Ultimate Superfoods has developed its own line of nutrient rich products, called Ojio (pronounced “oh-jee-oh”). Health-conscious consumers will love this suite of carefully crafted products. These nutrient rich foods are delicious and designed to help you create or maintain a foundation for healthy living.

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