Foodies Matcha Culinary Matcha – 100gFoodies Matcha Culinary Matcha – 100g

Foodies Matcha Culinary Matcha – 100g

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Foodies Matcha Tea 3.5 oz (100g) bag is for the fun foodie in all of us. If you love food with real flavor and affordability, this matcha’s for you. Culinary matcha is much less expensive than its counterpart: ceremonial grade matcha and that is because the 2nd harvest tea leaves are used versus only the newest shade-grown leaf with premium powders.  It’s rich with the flavour you’ve come to love in a matcha without the hefty price tag. Foodies Matcha is a delight to use in kitchen creations while being versatile and satisfyingly tasty to just sit back and relax with a steamy delicious  latte.  Its really your choice,… sip yourself to green tea health, or try eating your way there!

Our Foodies Matcha is a healthy addition to a multitude of culinary inspirations.  The taste of matcha tea has been described as “umami” — also known as the “fifth flavor” — somewhere between savory and sweet. With Foodie’s Matcha Tea this culinary flavor stands out, lending itself well to sauces, seasonings, pastries and baking: (imagine tiramisu, green tea ginger halibut, bliss balls, cupcakes and everywhere in between.  You’ll love that it’s also ideal for blending into your Instagram-worthy summer ‘mocktail’ beverage!

Another important benefit to all My Matcha Life green tea?   Quality!  Culinary grade Foodies Matcha is chosen for its rich green color and robust green tea taste.   Harvested from 100% Japanese green tea leaves and then finely ground into our silky Foodies Matcha green tea powder for your foodie adventures.

Matcha green tea is recognized for its beautiful vibrant green hue, and its fine delicate powder, but most importantly, its health benefits.  Matcha contains powerful antioxidants that fight disease and may prevent cell damage.  Studies show matcha contains 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea.   Another interesting characteristic of matcha is L-Theanine which is higher than other teas and when ingested invokes a sense of calmness, relaxation and clarity of the mind.  No wonder Buddhist monks have been drinking matcha for centuries before meditation!


Inspiring foodies, culinary chefs and healthy living enthusiast!  This product will bring a vibrancy to your kitchen creations while boasting the irrefutable health benefits of matcha green tea powder.  Easy to use and ideal for blending, baking, pastries, sauces, seasonings and more.

Ingredients: 100% Japanese Matcha

My Matcha Life  is devoted to the principles of the Japanese Tea Ceremony: harmony, purity, respect and tranquility. Nurtured by the world’s top Tea Masters and traditionally stone-ground to a rich 100% pure matcha tea powder, this matcha tea is grown in the finest tea fields of Japan: in the Kagoshima Prefecture at the south-western tip of the island of Kyushu, and on the island of Honshu near the city of Kyoto where matcha tea actually originated 800 years ago.

A matcha lover’s life blends active engagement with an inner peace and tranquility. That’s the miracle of matcha tea. Some drink it to ease day-to-day stress; some to power them across the finish line; others simply to contemplate and enjoy.

This line-up of high quality products begins with the exclusive Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha.

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