Sunbiotics products


Fall in love with Sunbiotics – raw, certified organic, non-GMO probiotic healthy snacks including almonds and chocolate bars. It’s the ideal grab-and-go snack that combines healthy eating with the daily need for probiotic intake. For optimal health including immunity, it is critical to maintain proper levels of probiotic bacteria in the body. With such great taste in all their products, Sunbiotics offers a creative way to mask a much needed element in the body with superior taste while using the finest fair-trade indgredients.

Who says chocolate can’t be good for you? With over 10 billion active and stabilized probiotic flora and feel-good ingredients like prebiotic yacon root, raw cacao butter, flavourful raw vanilla bean and low glycemic coconut sugar, these chocolate bars are a heavenly antioxidant treat. Balancing medicinal nutrition with chocolate decadence, these stone-ground bars are one-of-a-kind premium treat. Even parents with tricky eaters can benefit from these bursts of chocolatey goodness and sneak them into their little one’s daily diets.

Vegan Almonds coated with probiotics are the ultimate organic gourmet snack! Germinated to enhance enzyme activity and preserved in it’s raw state with low drying temperatures make these snack loaded with benefits. Soaked and sprouted, they are easy to digest and quick to include in your daily health regime. With a light and crispy taste, these treats pack a nutritional super punch: probiotic enhanced, mineral infused, organic, raw, gluten-free, non-dairy. Incredible superfood for life!