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Rallis Olive Oil

Rallis Olive Oil is the ultimate raw evoo-lution! This ice pressed olive oil has been made without any heat – 20-30 times colder than any cold-pressed olive oil in the market. This crucial difference means Rallis retains all of its nutrition, healing potential and is consumed in its natural raw state.

Refreshing, highly nutritive, this enzyme rich oil offers intense healing properties. Made through sustainable farming, it’s a truly conscious living oil. With a low carbon footprint, high biological value and a sustainable farming model, this quality oil supports the earth and those enjoying it. The olives are harvested by hand using battery powered harvesters and with the absence of heat, rely on nature to recycle water and nutrients to the soil. It’s a farming process that takes time, but is worth every ounce of tastiness.

The acidity of the oil is spectacular! At almost 0% acidity and because of its early harvest, the antioxidant value of the oil surpasses the quality of other cold-pressed oils in the market. It is truly a raw, superfood with immense health and energy values.

The power of this healing oil also rests in both it’s generational powers and Artisan Farming model. Originating in Greece, the artisan process has been in the family for over a century and added an integrative medical approach to bringing raw products into the market place. All of the olives are chemical and pesticide free and are cultivated with organic, non-chemical means. The result is not only innovative and progressive but remarkable from a global health care perspective. Good for kids of all ages and perfect for a world in need of preventative care. A product born in tradition, grown with knowledge and dedication and launched with innovation. Rallis Olive Oil – taste the difference.

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