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Want a better wrap? Pure Wraps was born from the notion that food equals medicine and illness starts when you deprive your body from nutritionally dense foods. In an attempt to combat disease, these Raw, Paleo and Gluten-Free wraps were created mixing ancient wisdom with nutrient-rich ingredients to offer the ultimate replacement for tortilla wraps.

A key selling feature of these delicious coconut wraps is that they are gluten, corn, soy, dairy, egg and nut free. What does this mean? The wraps are free of all major food allergens to avoid including ingredients that are highly processed or include chemicals and improper food handling. Food should have the power to positively impact health and wellness which is why the coconut wraps have been developed without preservatives yet are convenient and easy to store.

The tortilla alternatives come in two flavours, Original and Curry, and are a pure and simple way to consume food on-the-go. Easy to build as a snack or meal, these nourishing wraps are made with coconuts and Himalayan salt while being dehydrated to stay alkaline and raw with enzymes. Himalayan salt, unlike refined table salt, has 84 trace elements and minerals that are considered pivotal to the body. Ever environmentally conscious and innovative, all packaging is made with non-GMO cellulose and can last months without freezing or refrigeration.

Hot or cold, these wraps are extremely versatile and lend themselves to create eating. Fold like a burrito, roll it like a sushi roll, cut up to make pizza bites, build fresh fruit cups or make an ice cream cone out of it! Pure Wraps are portable and ideal for school or work lunches, travel or to impress at home for family and friends – simple assemble with ingredients prior to consumption.

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