BerryBreeze products


Looking to keep produce, fruits and veggies fresh longer? BerryBreeze is the answer to lengthening the freshness of your food and eliminating common refrigerator odours. For once, advertised technology that actually works wonders. This revolutionary fridge appliance allows you to maximize food’s nutrients, reduce waste and can even benefit the environment around us with time released oxygen (O3).

Complimentary with sustainable food practices, this device is recognized for it’s ability to effectively neutralize bacteria and mold that grows on food, kill microbes, eliminate common fridge pollutants and improve the freshness of foods by 2 to 3 times the average. Scientifically you can expect to get the most from all the nutrients in your foods and economically you can finally lead a healthier life on a tight budget. By reducing the waste of spoiled foods, reducing the carbon footprint of going back and forth to grocery stores, not to mention packaging waste, BerryBreeze truly is an environmentally conscious, smart and innovative product.

Not convinced? You can improve your health AND your bottom line spending – the benefits of this safe and simple product have been proven over and over again. Crisper bins and drawers are not airtight which means even if you keep fresh produce in bags, oxygen can reach food anywhere in your fridge. With BerryBreeze you won’t even need bags anymore – another environmental plus! – because with the O3 produced, you can store your leafy greens the same way you’d see it at a farmers market. It’s simple – instantly sanitizes your refrigerator, prolongs the life of your foods, reduces individual carbon footprint and the kicker? On average, you can expect to save $2,200 per year by avoiding food spoilage. WOW!

Forget food spoilage and decay, give your fruits, veggies and refrigerated foods a breath of fresh air