Keto Living!

Keto crazed yet?  You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that hasn’t heard of this popular diet-trend or those jumping on the proverbial bandwagon of promised weight-loss, health benefits and endless energy on this ultra-low carb lifestyle wonder.

So, what exactly does one eat on a Keto diet? Well, this diet focuses on using fat as a primary energy source, which means one’s diet is rich with oils, meats, avocados, olive oil, butter etc.  Nearly 75% of the diet is fat, and void of or significantly reduced in carbohydrate-rich foods like oatmeal, quinoa, potatoes and even fruits.

Given that Vegans typically eat a diet rich in fruit/vegetables and stay clear of animal products including egg, butter, meat – how does a Vegan follow a Keto diet? Is it even possible?

Where one diet rises, so do the products available to provide convenience to newbie believers – consider the Atkins diet of the early ‘00’s and the infiltration of bars, shakes, and supplements. While there are no short cuts to weight-loss, these products offered consumers a quick grab item when they were unprepared or on the go.

Vegans rely on high-fat, plant-based products like coconut oil, avocado, seeds & nuts but in times those whole food sources are unavailable, Vegans turn to alternative ‘supplemental’ sources.

Take for example the new Sunwarrior Keto Protein.


Here’s a product developed for the Vegan Keto consumer in mind! Getting fat into the diet while keeping carbohydrates reduced is fairly easy – but getting protein without added carbs creates a challenge.  Beans/legumes are rich in protein, but high in carbs.  Meat is high in protein and low in carbs but vegans don’t consume animal products.

So, Sunwarrior Keto Protein Peptides bridges this gap.  It contains 70% MCT (medium-chain-triglyceride) from coconut oil, paired with Organic Pea Protein, Organic Fava Bean Protein and Organic Brown Rice Protein – all isolated protein fractions without the carbs. Available in Chocolate or Vanilla, it is the perfect product to add to your daily line-up!

Pure Fat/Protein – just what Keto calls for and allows for vegans to jump on the bandwagon!

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