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Fast Facts About Raw Elements’ Spring Cleanse Protocol

Spring is finally here! Why not do a spring clean of your health?

Cleansing can be difficult. Many people do not understand where to begin or the benefits of setting aside a few weeks to reset their health and wellness.

We recognize that undertaking a cleanse can feel daunting for many. We wanted to make the process as simple as possible so that all you have to do is follow along and see and feel the benefits! We recently launched a new Spring Cleanse Protocol. It includes three natural supplements and a complimentary eBook that will serve as your nutritional guide during the duration of the protocol. Read on for details about the cleanse, including information on what it is (and isn’t), the benefits, and who should give this protocol a shot.

What this cleanse is
• An 18-day protocol intended to help you reset your health and achieve inner harmony.
• A program to help feed, alkalize and cleanse your body, in addition to ridding it of pathogens.
• A combination of three supplements made from whole foods, and a free eBook that includes guidelines for daily eating and healthy habits, recipes, tips for choosing healthy snacks, and more.

What this cleanse is not
• A “colon” cleanse; however, it will help you in this area.
• Based on deprivation, restriction, or calorie counting.
• Unrealistic or impractical. This cleanse emphasizes consuming whole foods from the earth each day, along with three 100% natural supplements.

What are the benefits of following this cleanse?…
• Toxin release at a deep level.
• Increased energy.
• Greater feeling of lightness.
• Improved wellness thanks to pathogen removal; including but not limited to:
– Better digestion
– Improved sleep
– Stronger, more effective immune system
– Enhanced skin and hair health

What are the three supplements used in this cleanse?…
1. Vitamineral Earth
This is a deeply grounding, nourishing and supportive healing food. The Vitamineral Earth formulation takes the best of the world’s plant wisdom from both indigenous peoples and modern herbalists.

2. Vitamineral Green
This is Nature’s multivitamin. Vitamineral Green contains an impressive collection of 30 of the most micro-nutrient rich superfoods on the planet – all processed under 118 degrees. Vitamineral Green is an actual FOOD – with many important benefits

3. SCRAM – Parasite/Pathogen Cleanse
SCRAM uses time-tested herbs such as black walnut, cloves and wormwood to support the removal of pathogens. Black walnut and wormwood are toxic at the adult and developmental stages of at least 100 pathogens. Cloves are toxic to the eggs. These herbs are also toxic to fungus and yeast. Scram also contains milk thistle to provide liver support.

All three supplements are organic, vegan, raw and gluten-free. Click here to learn more about each supplement and its benefits.

If the following sounds like you, you should try this 18-day protocol…
• You want to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle or adopt a new set of healthy habits but don’t know where to begin.
• You suspect you have come into contact with a pathogenic organism and/or are experiencing symptoms such as:
– Digestive/intestinal distress, including constipation, sore stomach, indigestion, gas and bloating
– Weakness and fatigue
– Rashes and/or other skin problems
– Anemia
– Mood swings, anxiety, depression
– Brain fog
– Muscle and/or joint pain
• You are looking to reset your health and feeling of well-being.
• You want to create a balanced inner environment for health to flourish.
• You are trying to eliminate refined sugar, sweeteners, dairy and/or meat from your diet.
• You feel unbalanced or unwell in a way you cannot put your finger on and want to recalibrate.

Click here to add the Spring Cleanse Protocol to your cart now! Have question that are not addressed here? Reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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