Raw Elements Bundles

Raw Elements Bundles take the guesswork out of finding the perfect plant-based products for your needs. Inspired by the health goals and challenges that impact our customers’ well-being, our team of superfood specialists has carefully curated four distinct product bundles.

Each bundle contains hand-selected foods and supplements that work together synergistically to address common areas of concern, such as immune system health and low energy levels. Every product included in our bundles has been thoroughly researched and tested by our team. Shop from the following:

Sunwarrior Protein Value Pack - Raw Elements

Sunwarrior Protein Value Pack

Whether you follow a plant-based diet or not, it’s important to ensure adequate protein intake so that your body and mind can function optimally. With the Sunwarrior Protein Value Pack, you can mix and match protein powder blends to create a custom bundle that meets your fitness and nutrition needs, and your tastes.


Herbal Mornings Bundle

Does your morning coffee ritual leave you jittery? Skip the beans and pour yourself a rich, full-bodied herbal beverage instead! And if you’re looking for a little extra sweetness, try it naturally sweetened with a zero calorie sugar substitute that won’t cause the dreaded sugar crash. This perfect combo removes the bitterness and acidity of real coffee and adds the sweetness with a zero glycemic index that won’t affect your blood sugar. What could be better than this Lakanto Classic & Dandy Blend Bundle?


Lakanto Classic & Dandy Blend Bundles - Classic Sweetener with Monk Fruit, Herbal Beverage - Raw Elements
Lakanto Classic & My Matcha Life Bundle - Classic Sweetener with Monk Fruit 235 g, Barista’s Matcha Tin 80 g - Raw Elements

The Swee-tea Bundle

Find a moment of calm in your day with a perfect cup of matcha. Balance the earthy, smooth flavour of this rich tea, with the clean sweetness of a zero calorie, zero glycemic index sugar substitute. Every sip will leave you feeling focused and ready to take on what’s next with a balance nutrient profile of L-theanine, catechins (super antioxidants), and caffeine. Sip back and enjoy the perfect cup of My MatchaLife and Lakanto Classic.


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