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Brand Spotlight: 5 New Four Sigmatic Products in our Shop

Four Sigmatic is one of the top selling brands on our website, and when you consider the quality and innovative nature of their medicinal-mushroom-infused products, it’s easy to understand why. If you’re a Four Sigmatic fan, you know what we’re talking about! If you haven’t tried anything by Four Sigmatic yet, we hope this post inspires you to explore some of their newer offerings.

Below we have given a high level overview of five new Four Sigmatic that we are extremely excited to now offer!

  1. Adaptogen Coffee Mix with Tulsi and Astragalus
    What it is: Ready-to-drink powdered beverage that combines organic coffee, and two herbs –tulsi leaf (also known as Holy Basil) and astragalus. This coffee mix is an easy swap out for your regular morning coffee or when you need an afternoon pick-me-up.
    About the mushroom:
    There are no mushrooms in this product; however, it does contain tulsi and astragalus. These adaptogens work together to help stimulate a sense of calmness. One 2014 study found evidence that tulsi can help improve physical, chemical, metabolic and psychological stress. A different, animal study published in 2009 found that treatments with the crude extract of Astragalus Membranaceus “reduced repeated stress induced anxiety and memory loss.”
    Who would benefit from this product: If you seek to achieve more balanced energy levels and/or mood, we encourage you to look into this product.
    In addition to the benefits offered by tulsi and astragalus, this drink is an easy way to increase your intake of antioxidants, thanks to the inclusion of coffee.
    What others are saying about this product: “I’ve tried my first box and really noticed a difference in my cognitive sharpness and overall good energy and vibe. I don’t drink it every day, but alternate it with my mushroom coffee mix, which seems to give great results.” – Joseph L., via foursigmatic.com
  2. Mushroom Mocha Mix with Chaga and Cacao
    What it is: Ready-to-drink powdered beverage that combines the rich flavours of coffee and chocolate, and the goodness of Chaga mushroom.
    About the mushroom:
    Four Sigmatic has given their popular mushroom coffee mix a delightfully chocolate-y flavour boost in this new product. Chaga is nutritionally potent and known to offer a multitude of health benefits, including: immune system support, anti-inflammatory affects, and blood management support.
    Who would benefit from this product: If you love the taste and stimulation of coffee, but are always seeking ways to “health-ify” your life, this product may be a natural fit for you. Doubly so if you consider yourself a chocoholic!
    The cacao used in this product is of the Criollo variety. This is an extremely rare type of cacao, as the Criollo tree is difficult to grow. Criollo cacao accounts for only 5% of the world’s cacao production!
    What others are saying about this product: “This drink is my absolute favorite (as I love chocolate)! It’s smooth and I don’t get the acid burn as I do from regular coffee. Keep on creating amazing products!” – July S., via foursigmatic.com
  3. Mushroom Matcha Drink Mix with Lion’s Mane
    What it is: Ready-to-drink beverage powder made of concentrated lion’s mane mushroom extract and organic, ceremonial grade matcha.
    About the mushroom:
    One study linked lion’s mane with improved cognitive function and short-term memory recovery. Another study pointed to the mushroom’s ability to potentially reduce feelings of anxiety.
    Who would benefit from this product:
    If you love the taste of matcha and are looking to achieve improved focus and productivity, we encourage you to look into this product.
    Matcha itself is nutritionally beneficial. In addition to being an excellent source of antioxidants, matcha can work to positively support feelings of calm, and strengthened memory and concentration.
    What others are saying about this product: “I have hot tea every morning and matcha gives me a great boost and the added nutrients of the shrooms give it an extra kick. My latte recipe: 1.5 tablespoons of mushroom matcha, cinnamon, vanilla extract, monkfruit sweetner and ghee. Blend it up in my bullet to get it nice and frothy, throw some coconut creamer in there. Perfection. I love this stuff.” – Janet J., via foursigmatic.com
  1. Mushroom Coffee Mix with Lion’s Mane and Chaga – Dark Roast – Ground
    What it is: Ready-to-drink ground coffee fortified with lion’s mane and Chaga mushroom extract. It’s an easy, nutrient-boosted swap for conventional ground coffee that can be enjoyed hot or as a cold brew. Wondering about the flavour? It tastes like coffee, not mushrooms!
    About the mushroom: Chaga is known as the “King of Medicinal Mushrooms” and studies have not only found that it may help relieve Irritable Bowel Disease, it also aids in lowering cholesterol. Reishi boasts a number of benefits as well, including the ability to help with kidney problems.
    Who would benefit from this product: If you are a coffee lover looking to try something a little different, this product would make an excellent addition to your kitchen.
    Noteworthy: This product uses 100% organic and fair-trade Arabica coffee sourced from Honduras. The result is a full-bodied flavour that most of us expect from a cup of coffee. This is the perfect “gateway” for anyone who is curious about medicinal mushrooms but doesn’t know where to begin.
    What others are saying about this product: “This is my FAVE alternative to drinking regular coffee. Tastes exactly like it, and makes me feel more focused, without the horrible jitters and anxiety too much caffeine gives me. Love this stuff!! I drink it religiously!! :)” – Regina C., via foursigmatic.com
  1. Decaf Mushroom Mix with Reishi and Chaga – Medium Roast – Ground
    What it is: Ready-to-drink decaffeinated ground coffee fortified with reishi and Chaga mushroom extract. This decaf coffee offers the rich, familiar taste of regular coffee, and can be brewed like your favourite cup of Joe (e.g., French press, coffee machine, pour over).
    About the mushroom: Reishi has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Of its many benefits, this mushroom can help balance hormonal systems, which can have a number of positive effects, including regulating sleep-wake cycles. Like reishi, Chaga has been extensively studied. One study that particularly caught our eye found that this mushroom has anti-viral affects that can help reduce viral infections.
    Who would benefit from this product: If you are looking to switch to a decaffeinated coffee or are new to the world of medicinal mushrooms and looking for an accessible way to give them a try, we encourage you to try this product.
    Noteworthy: Four Sigmatic uses 100% certified organic and fair-trade Peruvian coffee in this caffeine-free blend. The beans are hand-selected and harvested, and decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method.
    What others are saying about this product: “I absolutely love this decaf mushroom coffee blend. I am very particular about my decaf- it typically tastes watery or bland but not this blend! I am continually impressed with Four Sigmatic’s products and this decaf does not disappoint!” – Brooke P., via foursigmatic.com

We hope you are as excited about these new products as we are! If you have any questions about Four Sigmatic or would like to learn more about the products described here, be sure to reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

Explore all Four Sigmatic products proudly offered by Raw Elements by clicking here!

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