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Are Medicinal ‘Shrooms for you?

Four Sigmatic Review – Is It For You?

The word ‘superfood’ seems to get thrown around a lot lately. Every new health product on the market has some sort of association with a superfood, even if that superfood doesn’t sound very super. The problem with these health products is that they usually only meet one or two requirements for providing the body with what it really needs to stay healthy and strong. And, if they really were superfoods, wouldn’t they be doing more?

Four Sigmatic is a company that makes a product line based on a few very specific superfoods. They’ve narrowed down their focus, so they’re only providing foods that are actually beneficial to their customers. And, unlike other health food products that come in pill or capsule form, Four Sigmatic has come up with a variety of ways to introduce these superfoods to the public in easy to use and delicious forms, ones everyone will recognize.

What is Four Sigmatic?

Four Sigmatic decided to approach health differently. To start, the founders cleared out their cupboards of all the expensive health drinks and products they had purchased and began to really focus on actual foods that could help them get healthier. The answer, for them, was mushrooms. While a lot of the hype around superfoods is exaggerated, mushrooms have been scientifically proven to be superfoods.

Once the founders of Four Sigmatic figured out which superfood they wanted to incorporate into their diets, they had to find a way to do it. Mushrooms can be incorporated into a daily diet, but for some it’s a lot of hassle to constantly be adding mushrooms to their food. So, Four Sigmatic decided to make a mushroom product that could be added into a lifestyle with absolutely no hassle. And, to get away from the pills and capsules, Four Sigmatic decided they were going to make mushroom drinks.

It may seem like a strange concept, but Four Sigmatic discovered that indigenous cultures use mushrooms in liquid form as part of their diets. This idea of using mushrooms to survive and gain health benefits has been around for thousands of years, being passed down by ancient cultures until modern times. In fact, it is believed that mushrooms are in fact the world’s first superfood.

To accomplish their goal of making products that were nutrient rich and supported by scientific research, Four Sigmatic decided that it would only represent the fifty more researched foods in the world. Narrowing the focus down to these foods allows the company to use only the foods that are more nutrient dense than about 99% of all other foods.

Why Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are one of the world’s most studied superfoods, surpassing even acai berries and spirulina. And, while most people tend to associate mushrooms with psychedelics or pizza, they have actually played a huge role in the world of health, including modern health. For example, mushrooms are integral in making penicillin.

However, even though thousands of papers and studies have been done on mushrooms, many of them finding scientific evidence to support their amazing healing properties, very few people actually eat mushrooms for their health benefits. All it takes is adding a few of these mushrooms to a daily diet to get all their amazing benefits.

Four Sigmatic Mushrooms

While Four Sigmatic has a line of superfood blends, its most popular products are the ones that contain its mushrooms. Four Sigmatic uses four very specific mushrooms in the majority of its products, sometimes one on its own and sometimes as a mix. Each of these mushrooms has its own health benefits and its own ways of giving the body what it needs to be healthy.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane gets its name for its shape which, unsurprisingly, looks very much like the mane of a lion. This mushroom has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, most specifically known for its ability to boost cognitive functions. While its deep and rich history is enough for most people to embrace Lion’s Mane, recent scientific research has found these claims are, in fact, true.

Lion’s Mane has been found to help the nervous system regenerate and boost focus and concentration.


Many of the coffee products that Four Sigmatic sells contain Cordyceps mushroom. Known for its ability to support the health of the adrenal glands, Cordyceps are also great energy boosters. When combined with coffee, like Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, the Cordyceps give an extra boost of energy and focus to users, but without needing to increase the caffeine amount in the drink.


The Chaga mushroom is known for being one of the most antioxidant rich mushroom available. Being such a powerful antioxidant means it works as an amazing immune booster for the entire body, flushing out toxins and pollutants so the body can work efficiently. The Chaga mushroom has also been known to help protect the heart, boost energy levels, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


Four Sigmatic would not be where it is today without the Reishi mushroom. This mushroom is known for protecting the immune system, boosting its viral fighting abilities. It has been used to naturally treat swine and avian flu, as well as conditions in the lungs like asthma and bronchitis. Because the Reishi extract used in Four Sigmatic products is so potent, it’s can help protect the heart, maintain healthy blood pressure levels, and protect the kidney’s and liver from disease.

The Four Sigmatic Process

The process for getting the nutrient rich mushrooms into a powdered form is quite a long and complex system. To start, the mushrooms need to be dried out. Four Sigmatic receives its dried mushrooms from a reputable supplier in southeast China. Once Four Sigmatic receives the mushrooms, it boils them in a water and alcohol mix for anywhere from 12 hours to 24 hours.

After the mushrooms have been well boiled, this liquid is placed into a spray drier. The spray drier that Four Sigmatic uses in this process uses an intense, pressurized hot air to completely dehydrate the liquid. When this step is finished, a powder is left behind that contains extremely high levels of polysaccharides and triterpenes, the compounds that make mushrooms such potent superfoods.

Four Sigmatic and Reishi

While Four Sigmatic is making a huge splash in the industry for its focus on mushroom based products, its most well-known product is its reishi hot chocolate. Due to its many health benefits, reishi has long been used as a health supplement, though it is mostly used in a savory powdered form or a capsule. However, Four Sigmatic has created a reishi hot chocolate that people just can’t stop talking about.

Because reishi is usually stirred into soups or teas, things that aren’t eaten frequently in the Western world, Four Sigmatic wanted to come up with a way to introduce these mushrooms to the public, but in an appealing form. This resulted in the reishi hot cacao mix, one of the best-selling products offered by Four Sigmatic.

The reishi mushroom also comes in other forms, like the reishi elixir offered by Four Sigmatic. Unfortunately, the elixir doesn’t have the rich, sweet flavor that the cocoa has. The founders of Four Sigmatic suggest adding honey or almond milk to the cocoa, just so the bitter taste doesn’t come out.

Four Sigmatic Products

Four Sigmatic offers a wide range of products, each one with a different purpose that is met with a specific mushroom. Despite being most known for its reishi hot chocolate, the other options offered by Four Sigmatic have amazing benefits of their own.


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